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What if we told you that everything you think you know about learning to play the piano may not be true? Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston has taught tens of thousands of adults how to play non-classical piano through his unique method, and you're next.

What the webinar will teach you:

How traditional methods overcomplicate the learning process

Why any adult, no matter their background, can learn

How Scott's "3 Secrets" can get you playing in days, not months


You don't have to be 

in front of a keyboard or 

piano to watch the webinar!

35,000 students

6x Emmy Award Winning Teacher

Students in 30+ countries

What has kept you from becoming a music maker?

Did you try as a kid but get bored? Or possibly have a bad experience with a teacher? What about losing interest because you didn't like the music you were learning? Do you just keep telling yourself, "I'll get to it eventually?" No matter your reason, know that by visiting this page, you've taken the first step in a journey that can change your life and finally turn you into a music maker. Hear about Scott Houston, our 6x time Emmy winning teacher, and his life changing method by watching the video below...

It's your turn to play!

After teaching hundreds of piano workshops throughout the country, hosting his very own "Piano Guy" TV show on PBS, and launching his international online Piano in a Flash learning environment, Scott truly has taught tens of thousands of adults how to play non-classical piano in days and weeks, not months and years. Here is a sneak peek at some of the "Secrets" Scott uses in his teaching. 

Lead Sheets

Simple Chords

Familiar Tunes

Lead Sheets are what the pros use - studio musicians, cocktail players, and the like. They take away 90% of the complexity of learning! Don't know what lead sheets are? That's ok! Scott will teach you in the webinar. 

Turns out you DON'T need to memorize dozens of chords to learn how to play. There are a few chords that are simple to learn, but open you up to being able to play  hundreds of popular tunes you know and love!

Forget the Wigwam song, Mary had a Little Lamb, or Hot Cross Buns. You can learn to play non-classical piano without having to play hokey kiddie tunes. Learn to play through songs from your favorite genres. 

The webinar team:

Scott Houston




Webinar Host




Hear from real students who finally took the leap 

35,000 students, 35,000 new music makers

C. Tipps

K. Mahon

B. Gonzalez

I have learned so much from you. I can actually play a few songs now! God bless! Thanks for opening the door to learning to play the piano.

A million thanks—you introduced me to piano, and I haven't looked back. 4 years later, and I'm still going strong. I’ve gone from not knowing the keys or note names to playing full tilt boogie and blues.

First off, my family is blown away by how well I am playing! I am really glad I came across your product. Great job & Thank you!

*Student pictures were changed to protect their privacy.

Photo credit: Unsplash

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very tech savvy - what is a webinar?

A webinar in its simplest form is a seminar conducted over the internet. It’s pretty simple - Instead of watching someone talk to you on your TV or in person, you are simply watching them talk to you over your computer, tablet, or smartphone. In this case, you’ll be watching Scott. What makes a webinar fun though is that while you’re watching, you have the ability to comment and ask questions live, and Scott’s webinar Moderators will answer them for you!

What if I want to learn how to play classical piano?

If learning how to play classical piano is your goal, then this webinar is not for you. Scott strictly teaches through a non-classical, modern piano style, that focuses on genres such as jazz, pop, country, rock, etc.

I'm not going to be charged for this webinar am I?

Of course not! This webinar is totally free. Scott just wants to help spread the “good word” about learning the piano in a non-classical approach that increases FUN and gets you playing songs you love quickly.

If I can't finish the whole webinar, can I watch it again later? Can I review this? 

Yes! We’ll email you a replay of this webinar after this webinar is over.

Can I skip, pause, or fast forward the webinar? 

Users cannot navigate through the webinar during one of our events. Users CAN, however, do these things when watching a replay of the webinar.

Do I need to be at my piano or keyboard?

You do not! Scott would rather you focus on what he has to say and internalize it. We will send you a replay of this webinar after the webinar is over, and if you want to go back and practice afterwards, you can do it while watching the replay, which you can start and stop.  

Is this a sales pitch?

No! Scott will be showing you how to read a lead sheet (and what one is) and teach you some chords and how to use them to play authentically in non-classical genres of piano. At the end he will be offering an online lesson program that focuses on this style of playing if it sounds like something that is your "cup of tea."

How young do you have to be to use this method? 

Although the method itself can be learned by anyone of any age, Scott’s webinar (and actually his online Courses as well) are focused on adults. However, we usually say 10+ years of age if someone really wants to try this out.

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