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93-Year-Old Veteran Loves Playing the Piano for “Old People”

The Mahoney House retirement community in York, Nebraska is a bit more musical around lunchtime thanks to the efforts of 93-year-old veteran Art Frederickson. For the past decade, almost every day, Art has played fun and familiar tunes on his electronic piano for the facility’s residents.

“Most of them like old music, so that’s what I usually play – old hymns and old ballads,” he said.

“He is here at least 45 minutes before noon,” said Tammy Coffey, Mahoney House Executive Director.

Mahoney House residents – and staff – look forward to hearing him play, Coffey said. “All of the residents love his music, and our employees look forward to seeing Art every week.”

The feeling is mutual. “I enjoy doing it. I love old people because I am one myself,” Fredrickson, said. He added that he also does it for the love of music itself. “I like to play music the way I would like to have it played,” Fredrickson said. “To say I’m an expert in music – oh no!”

Piano in a Flash salutes Art Frederickson for his service to our country and his continued service to the “old people” at The Mahoney House. And if YOU want to learn to play the piano, you can be just like Art! The kids are grown, career is all done and it’s YOUR time now. It’s YOUR turn to play!

Your Turn to Learn:

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