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2018 – The year you play piano!


Hi everyone, it’s me, Scott! Here’s a quick transcript of the livestream that you can watch above, I’m looking forward to 2018 and jumping back “into the game” and preparing to put out tons more content. I hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone, Scott Houston here, welcome to 2018!

I just wanted to do a real quick livestream here to give you a quick catch up. I haven’t been real active on YouTube or the Blog over the last six or eight months, and I wanted to kind of get everybody “in the club”, if you will, with where we are and to let you know about some things that we have coming out. So first of all, I apologize for being a little quiet on my YouTube channel and the blog…

The last six or eight months I’ve actually had a death in the family. It was kind of expected, and it was just a long time coming. So we’ve had some family things to settle over the last year, sadly, but in a good way, that’s behind us now.

So for 2018 I’m hoping that for your New Year’s resolution you want to make this the year that you really learn how to play piano and, even better, have fun playing the piano.  And that’s kind of my resolution –  to come out in 2018 and really start consistently giving you exactly what it is you need to help you along your path.

A lot of our subscribers are currently students, a lot of them are not, some of you may have purchased things from us in the past, a lot of you have just seen me maybe on PBS or on the TV series, things like that. But no matter where you come from, we can get some stuff going here on our YouTube channel to really help you out.  So with that in mind, what I wanted to ask you, just two or three little housekeeping things on this – number one, we have a poll that you can find here on YouTube – if you click right below this video on where it actually says the name of the channel – it’ll say PianoGuyTV – if you click there you’ll go to our channel page and then one of those tabs is a community tab, and if you click there, you’ll find this poll.

The only thing I want to ask you – and it’s totally anonymous – is just exactly what kind of things you think would be best for us to produce for this channel on a regular basis, whether that’s really small little tips and tricks videos, or whether that’s longer kind of sequential, “hey how to play an entire tune over two or three weeks” kind of videos, or I was even pondering doing a kind of “office hours,” if you will, and just be here to answer live questions for a while.  So let me know, check out that poll, and if you can just leave even some sort of feedback as to which direction we want to go as we’re figuring out content moving forward.

Next, this is a really important thing for YouTube folks, and that is to turn on notifications, so, number one, if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do subscribe. How you do that is you’ll see, again, below this video a little subscribe button to the right of the video down in the lower right, and it’ll be grayed out if you already have subscribed, but in either case – whether it’s red or it’s not – to the right of that there’s a little bell. They call it “ringing the bell,” – kind of a hokey way to say it in YouTube terminology, but you need to click that little bell for notifications and all that will do is just allow you to get some notifications when we post new things, or if I’ve posted some new content on the Community Page, it’ll just let you know. That’s about the only way I can contact you in some way and it won’t be an email or anything, it’ll just allow you to find out when we post new things to this channel, so that’s something I’m really trying to get rolling out.  We’ve got 40,000 plus subscribers now – I just want to be able to let everybody know when we do something new.

Finally – actually two other little things – one you’ll see down in the description a link. For any of you that have never worked with me before, have no idea what we’re doing, I’d encourage you to download the free chord chart at that link. That’ll be a nice little thing you can just kind of print out and leave by your piano if you’re just starting in this style. It’ll probably help bring you up to speed for things I’m going to be talking about in upcoming videos. When you click that link, there’s also a spot to put your email in where you can actually get on our Newsletter, which is gonna be probably twice a month. We’re getting back to that too for those of you that have subscribed to piano notes in the past, we’re going to get on a very regular schedule. I’m gonna be including some tips and tricks and links to new blog posts we’re doing, things like that.

So again, if you kind of want to get in the club, if you will give us your email there, and we’ll get you on that newsletter list. It’s totally free and actually there’s a couple free gifts you can get there as well. And finally, for any of you that have not seen our online method before at, I’d encoura

ge you to maybe dip your toes in the water and try the intro course.  It’s totally free and it’s really a chance to just kind of see what that whole online lesson program is about.

Again, for those of you that may just be seeing me for the first time or don’t know the way that we play, I’ll also teach you how to play a Christmas Carol during that intro course and it’ll be a good chance to kind of see the direction that we move and how crazy different it is than traditional classical piano lessons.

So that’s really all I have for this live stream. It’s a short one. Sorry I’m not playing for you in any way, but again, we just wanted to let everybody know we’re back.

We’re going to be posting very regularly.  We’re excited to keep the channel cranking along in 2018 and more than anything I hope this is the year that you really, really enjoy playing piano. So stay tuned on this channel we’ll be coming back with some more videos really soon!