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If You Put a Piano On a Cliff…

According to news sources in Australia, an abandoned piano has been spotted on top of a cliff in Sydney Harbor—and ever since it was spotted, locals can’t seem to stop playing it. But unlike other pianos in the area, which are usually found tucked away in peoples’ homes or the odd hall, this upright is surrounded by stunning scenery.

And as you can see from the image, it’s not just any scenery – as somehow, the person/people responsible for deserting the piano managed to transport it up a pretty steep incline. The mystery instrument is currently set on the edge of a cliff at Middle Head on the north shore, with a picturesque backdrop of boats sailing across the sea.

The people visiting this area LOVE playing the mysterious instrument. But the big question still remains: WHO abandoned that piano and why?

And the even BIGGER question is why didn’t the individual who owned that piano ever LEARN to sit down and PLAY their favorite songs just for fun? Well, THEY may have missed out, but YOU don’t have to because you can connect with 6X Emmy winner Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston who can show you how to play Piano in a Flash! The kids are grown and gone, the career is all wrapped up and it’s YOUR time now! It’s YOUR turn to play!

YOUR Turn to Learn

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