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"Hello! Scott Houston here - you might know me as "The Piano Guy" - These are the 3 secrets i'll use to get YOU having FUN playing the piano:"

1: Put away the classical sheet music and use what the pros do

Learn to use what pros like studio session players use. Not only will you sound a lot better, but it takes about 90% of the difficulty of reading standard sheet music and throws it right out the window. Great, huh?

2: Just a couple of chords will open up HUNDREDS of songs

Throw memorizing dozens and dozens of chords out the door! Once you’ve learned a few standard chords, you’ll be able to enjoy playing along to hundreds of popular tunes quickly and easily. Talk about bang for your buck!

3: DO NOT use the rules and techniques of traditional classical piano to guide you in playing all other non-classical styles.

Spending grueling hours working on note-reading, fingering exercises, etc.  are NOT helpful when you are just getting started playing in non-classical piano styles. What IS important is learning songs that you know and enjoy, which will keep you energized, motivated, and enjoying your practice. 


Your 8 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Welcome! What’s the Secret?
  • Lesson 2: Let’s Get Started
  • Lesson 3: Learn Right Hind Melody Line
  • Lesson 4: Simple Left Hand Chords
  • Lesson 5: Putting Your Hands To
  • Lesson 6: More Professional Sounding Chords
  • Lesson 7: Putting It All Together
  • Lesson 8: Wrap-Up – What’s Next?

Your 7 Exercises:

  • Exercise 1: Play Right Hand Melody Line pt. 1
  • Exercise 2: Play Right Hand Melody Line pt. 2
  • Exercise 3: Play Right Hand Melody Line pt. 3
  • Exercise 4: C, F, and G Chords
  • Exercise 5: Joy To The World With Both Hands
  • Exercise 6: More Interesting Chord Changes
  • Exercise 7: Hands Together



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