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This free guide contains mountains of musical information compiled specifically to help adult learners no matter their experience level.  Find a sneak peek of the first two pages below to get a full picture of what it will teach you and get to know the author!

Forget everything you think you know...

Myth #1

Myth #2

You have to be a good note reader

You must have long, skinny fingers to play

False! Music is what you listen to and play—not what you read! Reading music is not a priority,  but rather a means toward the end game of playing tunes you love.

Nope! Even if you believe you have "sausage fingers," you can play the piano, and do it well! Ever heard of Elton John? Very short fingers!

Myth #3

Myth #4

You must practice scales and etudes daily

You can't learn as an adult

Practice never hurts, but "drills" are not required to enjoy yourself on the piano and sound great doing it. A trick that adult beginners can use instead to speed up their progress is practicing using their favorite tunes. 

Unlike a foreign language, which has been proven to be easier to learn as a child, the piano can be learned easily by anyone! Plus, as an adult, your motivation for playing is much more powerful than "my parents are making me." 

You can learn to play! But why should you?

Powerful purpose

Learning to play piano allows you to lower stress levels through creativity, providing a newly-clarified sense of purpose and appreciation for life.

Strong mind 

Regularly playing the piano has been seen to fight off some of the adverse effects of aging, depression, and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Healthy body

Reducing blood pressure, improving coordination, and staving off the effects of arthritis are some of the many ways piano can help keep you happy and healthy.

Easy relaxation 

Few things can transport you away from life's trials and tribulations like playing your favorite tunes on the piano.

Meet the author

Taught piano workshops for adults 

across the U.S. 

Hosted "The Piano Guy" PBS show for

14 seasons

Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston

Teacher / Founder

Earned 6 Emmy Awards for his success 

As seen on:

Real students, real change

T. Simon

J. Bilbrey

I love everything you do! You present every bit of information in a fun, easy to understand format that helps the novice as well as the master. Keep up the great work. I love seeing all your latest projects. Thanks for everything!

I really enjoy and have learned a lot from your magical program. It is medicine for my soul!

T. DeBacker

Mary Jane Clason

Go Scott! Thank you for your programming. My wife and I love your teaching methods and NOW spend hours at our piano that once stood alone!

We love this guy! He makes learning how to play the piano so simple and fun!



I am amazed at the difference in my playing. I learned to “read” music as a child (am in my 50’s now), loved the piano but never really enjoyed it. Now I feel that I can start to express myself in music.

Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I race to the piano to try your techniques. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing a new dimension to my playing, even after all these years.

It's your turn to play!

You can learn to play the piano, and it is never too late. Learn more by downloading our free guide and take the first step in your piano playing journey today. 

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