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Join Emmy-winning piano teacher Scott Houston in his free Intro Course to discover how quickly you can learn a tune without complicated sheet music. In just 45 minutes, he will teach you to play "Joy To The World" using his three secrets for fun adult learning. 

This quick Intro Course covers more ground than what traditional lessons teach in weeks! Simply enter your name and email in the form,  then click the "Enroll For Free" button to get started.

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Learn right hand melody line


Play right hand melody line


Simple left hand chords


C, F, and G chords


Putting your hands together to play


"Joy To The World" with both hands


More professional sounding chords


More interesting chord changes


Putting it all together


Hands together


Wrap-up - what's next?

DURATION45 minutes

Uncover secrets for easier, fun piano learning  

No classical notation

3 chords = 100s of songs

The art of borrowing

By using lead sheets instead of classical sheet music, you throw out 95% of the difficulty typically found with beginner piano learning. Containing one line of notes plus chord notation, professional artists prefer to use this straightforward music notation to play gigs and record. You too, can use lead sheets to learn and play.

By using just the C, F, and G chords, you open yourself to the possibility of learning hundreds of popular, non-classical songs you know and love. Piano in a Flash prioritizes chord-based learning with familiar tunes to develop your musical ear and motor function with fun practice—if you can even call it that.

Lifting “licks” or musical patterns from other artists is the way great players have learned to play non-classical piano throughout history. We don’t need to memorize huge amounts of someone else’s playing note for note, but by learning a few signature licks from great players—we can apply them to different tunes whenever appropriate.

You can learn to play! But why should you?

Powerful purpose

Learning to play piano allows you to lower stress levels through creativity, providing a newly-clarified sense of purpose and appreciation for life.

Strong mind 

Regularly playing the piano has been proven to be able to fight off the cognitive effects of aging, depression, and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Healthy body

Blood pressure reduction, coordination improvement, and arthritis prevention are just some of the ways that playing the piano can keep you healthy.

Easy relaxation 

Few things can transport you away from life's trials and tribulations like playing your favorite tunes on the piano.

Meet your teacher,Scott Houston

Scott has been teaching adults how to play the piano for 20+ years. He started his piano career traveling the country teaching hundreds of workshops a year. That led to an opportunity to host his own PBS show where he gained his nickname "The Piano Guy." Scott hosted the Piano Guy TV show for 14 seasons and earned six Emmy Awards in the process. Now, Scott focuses on teaching his unique method through his Piano in a Flash online learning environment, where tens of thousands of adults have learned to play for fun! 

Real students, real change


Karen L.

I have spent more money on a vacation and didn’t have nearly as much fun [and] nothing to show for it afterwards. THANK YOU and your crew!

I struggled for years to make the transition from reading music to improvising. Your technique and demeanor surpass any others out there trying to teach us “readers” not to read but to enjoy the music!

John P.


I can not say enough how much I love this course. Other courses are so dry and boring, [but] Scott is humorous and presents the material in a lively way that it's entertaining as well as educational. Thank you Scott! 

I found your system, bought the courses, and within a day, I was playing like I always wanted to. At one point after I played a song, I sat there looking at the piano and actually cried. Thank you so much. 



I am amazed at the difference in my playing. I learned to “read” music as a child (am in my 50’s now), loved the piano but never really enjoyed it. Now I feel that I can start to express myself in music.

Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I race to the piano to try your techniques. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing a new dimension to my playing, even after all these years.

Play your first tune by the end of the day

It's your turn to play! Jump into our free Intro Course and learn to play "Joy to the World"  in under an hour. By taking the Intro Course, you'll also better understand why classical training isn't realistic for piano as a hobby, why our chord-based method is so successful for adults, and how you can apply that knowledge to start learning the songs you love. Click the button below to find where you can enroll for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very tech savvy - will the online courses be hard to figure out?

Not at all! Our online platform was specifically built with adults in mind. The lessons are very easy to navigate and move through, logging in is a breeze, and the video lessons are fun and bite-sized. After enrolling, you'll immediately be taken to your online lesson environment, while also receiving an email with instructions and some follow up information about your account. If at any point in time you do have a question or run into a problem, please feel free to reach out to our support staff by calling 833.887.4266 or emailing support@pianoinaflash.com

There aren't any hidden fees, are there? 

Definitely not! Although we do have full fledged online courses you can enroll in at a later date, should you like to continue learning with us, we will not charge you for this free Intro Course at any time. 

Do I need a piano or will a keyboard suffice?

A keyboard will work just fine! We suggest that your keyboard have at least 61 keys, and a sustain pedal is nice to have as well. Besides that, everything else is just "bells and whistles." 

Is this course only for beginners? 

No! Even if you already have some experience, this course will work for you, especially if you come from a classical background, because Scott's modern method is so different that what you've probably ever been taught. 

What system requirements do I need to play the lesson? 

All you need is a device that can access the internet (tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc.) and a keyboard or piano. That is it! We do not require any complicated software to be downloaded or used to use our lessons. 

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