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Scott Houston has been teaching adults how to play the piano (and enjoy doing it!) for over 20 years. After touring the country putting on over 120 piano workshops a year, he began hosting his own PBS show called "The Piano Guy." 14 seasons and 8 Emmy awards later, Scott created his online Piano In A Flash learning environment so that he could more effectively teach adults across the country and the world that they CAN learn to play the piano, no matter what their age! 

A Little "Piano Guy" History

Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston

Emmy Award winning adult piano teacher

The Method

Scott's methodology to teaching is all about eliminating unnecessary complication and learning through playing. He utilizes 3 core principals to do this: 

Scott does NOT teach kiddy tunes.  He has compiled dozens of tunes we all know and love, which makes learning much more fun and enjoyable. You'll learn Christmas Carols, hymns, jazz tunes, and more!

Learn Songs You Know And Love

Scott does NOT require you to become an accomplished note reader. However, you will learn the basic amount of note reading needed to play non-classical styles in a musically correct manner. 

Forget Complicated Note Reading

Forget learning dozens and dozens of scales, chords, and etudes before you can sound good and have fun. Just learning a few chords (the "big three" as they're often called) opens you up to playing THOUSANDS of fun tunes. 

Only Learn A Few Chords To Start

"I can't believe I'm finally learning how to create music!  At 67, Scott's lessons worked perfectly for me.  His fun, light-hearted teaching style makes learning fun, and his method allows me to finally play tunes I've always wanted to."

- Pete Schulte

Course 1 


  • Jingle Bells
  • Love Me Tender
  • Aura Lee
  • When The Saints Go Marching In
  • Kumbaya
  • Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  • and dozens more... Course 1


  • Differences in notation styles
  • Finding your way around a keyboard
  • Middle C
  • Your first chords: C, F, and G Major
  • How to handle fingering
  • Getting hands to work together
  • and much more... Course 1

Course 2


  • Hound Dog
  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • Shake Rattle And Roll
  • All Shook Up
  • 12 Bar Blues
  • Kansas City
  • and dozens more...


  • Hearing music vs. reading music
  • Chords in the right hand
  • Learning the “road map” of a tune
  • Rock-n-Roll pattern for your left hand
  • Learning the Blues changes
  • More fun left hand chord patterns
  • and much more...


Course 3


  • Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
  • It's Too Late
  • How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
  • Can't Smile Without You
  • My Love
  • What The World Needs Now
  • and dozens more...


  • New chord “flavor”: Major 7th
  • More chord substitutions
  • Da Capo
  • Dal Segno
  • Fine – road map signs
  • New chord “flavor”: minor 7th
  • and much more...

Course 4


  • Born To Be Wild
  • What A Wonderful World
  • Send In The Clowns
  • If
  • Unchained Melody
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
  • and dozens more...


  • Understand intervals
  • Ear training – hearing intervals
  • New chord “flavor”: Diminished
  • Continuing inversion training
  • New chord “flavor”: Augmented
  • Intro & ending ideas
  • and much more... Course 4

Course 5


  • Autumn Leaves
  • How Sweet It Is
  • Kansas City
  • The Girl From Ipanema
  • I Will Remember You
  • Mandy
  • and dozens more...


  • Why scales matter
  • Major & pentatonic scales
  • Blues and minor scales
  • Ear training with minor intervals & scales
  • Introduction to voicing
  • 1-5-7-3 voicing
  • and much more...

Course 6


  • Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  • Tears In Heaven
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Crazy
  • Georgia
  • Autumn Leaves (Advanced) 
  • and dozens more...


  • New chord “flavor”: sus2 & sus4
  • The “Floyd Cramer” lick
  • New chord “flavor”: 13th
  • How to play with a bass player
  • Bossa Nova 2-hand pattern
  • Inserting ii-V7 substitute chords
  • and much more...

Give yourself the gift of piano by enrolling in Piano In A Flash's full 6 Course method through our brand new financing options below! And remember, we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so what do you have to lose? enroll today! 

You CAN learn to play the piano, and Scott "The Piano Guy" can help through his Webinar Bundle!

Finally cross learning to play the piano off your bucket list.

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