Learning Piano is Fun and Easy

Let’s face it, traditional classical piano lessons have a pretty abysmal success rate, but that’s not because the teachers aren’t well qualified. I think it is because learning to play classical piano is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. It is an extremely noble effort to put forth—but it is very hard to do. That’s why there are so few really great classical piano players, and why they deserve our respect and adulation. However, the vast majority of the students I’ve dealt with tell me that although playing classical piano would be a neat thing to be able to do, they don’t really aspire to play classical piano. Instead they want to come home at the end of a long stressful day and simply sit down at a piano or keyboard to play tunes they know and love.

That’s where our online method and course is different. Our Play Piano in a Flash Online lesson environment was designed with laser focus to teach you exactly what you need to get to a point of playing non-classical styles at a piano in an authentic, musically correct manner. Because learning to play well in the styles that we teach does not hinge on your ability to read notation well, I have the ability to very quickly proceed to teaching you fun things on a piano even if you’re at a very beginning level. More than anything else, we learn to play piano through playing actual songs, not through endless drills, etudes and exercises. If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to get to a point of being able to sit down at a piano or keyboard and play some tunes that sound good, you’ve found it right here in our online lesson environment.

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Who is Scott?

Scott_BlackScott Houston is the 5 Time Emmy Award Winning host of “The Piano Guy” weekly public television series. In 2003, Houston began showing public television viewers how to play piano in a flash through his wildly successful pledge special of the same name. Seen by millions of viewers nationwide since debuting in March 2003, Play Piano In A Flash has been a terrific fundraising vehicle for stations carrying the program. Among the highest-grossing pledge specials in public television history, stations to date have raised more than $20 million.

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Ask Questions

If at any point you come across something that you don’t understand, you can ask a question 24/7 by clicking on the “feedback & support” button. Scott or one of his trained associates will respond within 48 hours with a customized video to keep you making steady, forward progress. We’ve got you covered!

Proven Teaching Methodology

Unlike poorly produced “how to play piano” videos available free online, our online lesson environment is integrated from top to bottom with video, real-world books, and customized feedback. Proven through 10 years on public television, 5 Emmy’s and over 20,000 people, just like you, who now know “It really works!”

No Set Lesson Time

If you need to see some aspect of a lesson again, you have control to simply stop, rewind, and view it until you understand the concept. Conversely, with traditional private lessons you would have to wait at least a week until your teacher could demonstrate it again—cutting into the limited time you pay for each lesson.

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