A Simple Way To Learn Piano By Playing The Songs You Love

We’ve Simplified Learning The Piano

All you have to do is watch, listen, and play!

With Piano In A Flash You Can…

  • Practice at your own pace
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Master all your favorite songs
  • Entertain and impress your loved ones
  • Become the piano player you’ve always wanted to be

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’m glad I found Scott’s course, you will too!”

“Scott’s methods are easy to follow and he makes you want to learn more. As a result, I know a lot of songs, but more important they are songs I like to play for me, number one, and for friends and family.”

Robert Wilson – London, Ontario, Canada

“He makes learning the piano a fun experience!”

“As an older adult, I really Scott’s patience. Learning the piano can be very intimidating task. Scott’s method is a relaxing, pressure free way to learn for beginners or for those returning to the piano. ”

Pete Schulte – Austin, Texas

“You cannot go wrong with this purchase!”

“I like that Scott teaches to your skill level. He does not make you feel as if he is talking down to you.  He guides you through the lessons slowly and instills confidence in yourself so that you can play better.”

Regina Hartley – Bronx, New York

24/7 Online Classroom

The online classroom was designed to be so intuitive you’ll forget it’s there. It allows the instructor, Scott, to walk you through each lesson and exercise as he demonstrates different hand positions and techniques for you to mimic while explaining each concept.

Lesson Books

The Piano in a Flash Online Method combines Scott’s innovative teaching method, personal lessons directly from Scott in an intuitive online classroom PLUS integrated lesson books (real… not e-books). It provides you the absolute best and fastest route to piano playing success.

Award Winning Feedback

After 14 seasons of Scott’s Emmy award winning public television show “The Piano Guy” and countless live workshops, thousands have realized their dream of learning to have fun playing piano. This provides Scott with loads of experience and the ability to provide pinpoint personalized feedback to help you along.

Your Success is Our Priority

Every course is delivered in our innovative, online environment that comes with online instructional videos, real lesson books and feedback from Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston, should you ever have a question.

Built For You

Progress at your pace in our student-centric lesson environment with no stress whatsoever. Scott’s Piano in a Flash Online Method is ready whenever you are!

Insane Value

Traditional piano lessons cost on average $30 per lesson and can involve additional time, cost and effort. With Piano In A Flash you learn at your own speed and save both time and money.

Easy Learning

Avoid complicated scales and music theory. Scott teaches you fun songs by breaking down the piece into smaller exercises and focusing on each hand individually so you never feel overwhelmed.

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