Discover why Piano in a Flash is the ONLY one-and-done piano resource for adult learners

You can learn to play piano for fun at ANY age

Stephanie P."I can feel my brain growing! I'm 70 and have always wanted to learn to play. Your teaching style is easy to follow and enjoyable, and I love the pace of the lessons."
Anne L."I always promised myself I'd get back into piano when I had time. Well, I finally have time. Only two books into your course and I'm amazed at the beautiful music I'm creating already."
Carlos C."Piano in a Flash helped me accomplish one of my biggest wishes in I can say that I am a piano player! And better than that, I can entertain my family with my music."
Maria B."I'm on course one and love it. Never played piano before and now I look forward to it everyday."
Steve S."I’m loving this! I’m excited about the way I’m playing after just two courses. It is so much fun to play real songs, songs that I love! Thank you so much!!!"
Dan S."I was playing four or five songs within an hour of starting. Did it sound like Chopin? No. But it sounded pretty good and I could sing along. I like that he gets you going on chords and rhythm right away."

No matter what type of experience you have

Linda B."After boring childhood lessons and a couple of adult attempts to pick it back up the old-fashioned way, I am really enjoying these courses. This is really fun!"
Bethan B."I am having such fun. I'm 61 and started playing piano when I was seven. This really has transformed my playing, and I’m only on Course Two!!!"
Ken T."I went from a feeling of “NO WAY” with these broken chords, to "WAIT A MINUTE," to "OH I GOT IT!" It was like light bursting on a darkened scene, my fingers finally made sense of the timing thanks to Scott."
Charles H."I have spent my whole life trying to learn how to play. These courses have made it fun again, and finally what I play is starting to sound like music."
Lisa A."This is my fourth time taking lessons and the FIRST time I’ve enjoyed it! I love it for all the reasons I wanted to learn in the first place—so I could learn songs that I actually like fairly quickly."
Amy F."Classical training used to take me weeks to learn a song to play confidently. Now it only takes a day or two, and I've gotten more creative too. Thanks Scott!"

With a supportive teacher, high-quality resources, and stress-free lesson environment

Anthony P."I'm visually impaired and glasses don't fully correct my issue, so I REALLY appreciate the larger print in your materials. The song books have become some of my most prized possessions!"
William F."Scott is a magnificent teacher. I have been using his materials now for 25 years. Just like he says, I can sit down and play and have fun. Thank you Scott!"
Susan B."Scott is very encouraging in the lessons and always tells us to just enjoy what we are doing and continue at our own pace. It's a great feeling to know that you and your support team are REALLY there!"
Lena A."I love the updates, patience, customer service, and most of all the piano course. This was the perfect fit for me to progress quickly and it's so well planned out!"
Jack B."I always look forward to the next online lesson. Best part is I'm learning at my own pace without the pressure of weekly in-person lessons."
Wava L."I love that I can go back over previous lessons and review things if I need extra help. You explain things in a way that anyone can understand even if they don't know notation, you make it easy."

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