Piano Playing, Singing Beagle Rocks Out in Viral Video

We know that people play music for fun. But did you know that some dogs do as well?

Buddy Mercury, a lovable Beagle, is quickly generating massive online fame (almost 5.7 million views on YouTube) as a video showing him playing the piano and “singing” appears in countless social media feeds.  Also in the video Buddy’s “human,” a small child, is dancing up a storm!

Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston encourages learning to play piano for fun and there’s a LOT of fun happening here. He says “Hey – if a dog can give that cute little kid so much enjoyment, just think what YOU could do for some of YOUR humans if you just sat down and learned to play some of your favorite tunes for fun! Ha! ”

The good news is that Scott has been successfully helping people do just that for over 20 years … Hey, don’t let the dogs have ALL the fun. 🙂 The kids are grown, career is done and it’s YOUR time now. It’s YOUR turn to play!

Enjoy the video!

Your TURN to Learn More:

Buddy Mercury the piano playing and singing beagle performs while his human dances

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