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12 Days of Christmas— Kindness Challenge

Is there a better way to celebrate the holiday season than sharing kindness and a smile (behind a mask, of course)? I don’t think there is. I created this challenge with my piano-playing community in mind: I know we have some AWESOME Piano in a Flash students out there wanting to spread Christmas cheer and kindness. Maybe this is the inspiration you need!  Some are piano-related, some are not, but ALL are bound to spread Christmas cheer.

  1. Random act of kindness

    This could be buying coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru, leaving surprise gifts on your friend’s porch, or even shoveling snow from your elderly neighbor’s driveway. Whatever you choose to do, know that you have the potential to make someone’s day.

  2. Learn the longtime favorite, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, on the piano

    Why this one? Easy! There’s a fun game to make of this song: Invite your closest family or friends to a video chat, and rewrite the lyrics. Pick a theme or make every line sillier than the last— it’s up to you! Either way, you’ll be laughing with your co-authors and you’ll have something fun to play this holiday season.

    Bonus points if you record yourself playing it and share it with us on social media!

  3. Find a new Christmas cookie recipe

    Whether you’ve been on Master Chef or you have no experience in the kitchen, trying something new can be fun. And if you find a winner of a cookie recipe, you can always share with your neighbors… or me… ha!

  4. Volunteer

    Maybe it’s coordinating a canned food drive or coat drive at your company. Maybe it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen. Maybe it’s adopting a family and buying presents for their holiday. Whatever it is, you’ll be spreading Christmas cheer and feel good about it afterward!

  5. Compliment three people

    Compliments not only make others feel good, but they help us notice and appreciate things we might take for granted. This year has been difficult for everyone, but it’s a great time to recognize how blessed and lucky we are in other areas of life.

    And hey, why stop at three? Compliment as many people as you can!

  6. Take time for yourself

    Yup, we’re about halfway through this challenge, and I’m telling you to take time to remember yourself this holiday season! Maybe making time for you happens by reading a new book, organizing a closet, meditating, exercising, or my favorite… playing the piano. Whatever it is, take a few minutes to relax and remind yourself why it’s important to take a breather!

  7. Phone a friend

    Call that friend you haven’t chatted with in a while. Send them a funny photo or a nice “thinking of you” message. It’s little actions that might take you only a few minutes that will make their day and give them a reason to smile. Or, maybe even show them your piano skills over a video call…

  8. Donate!

    I don’t necessarily mean donate money, although that’s always a fantastic option. Your donation could be taking some of your kids’ stuffed animals to the local police station so officers can hand them out while taking care of domestic calls. It may be knitting hats and scarves for a shelter to give out during the cold months. I know some of my friends make extra meals to take to first responders and local hospitals so their workers are taken care of during the busiest shifts!

  9. Donate blood OR volunteer at a blood drive!

    I know this isn’t for everyone, especially given this pandemic, but if you’re able to donate blood or plasma, or even help at a check-in table at a local blood drive, you’ll help more people than you can even know! Each blood donation can save up to three lives, and plasma is used to create plasma protein therapies for those with certain illnesses.

    If you’re not sure where to find a blood drive near you, check the Red Cross website or your local hospital!

  10. Send a card to someone you care about

    Yes, it’s nearly the end of 2020, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how EXCITED I get to receive mail from family and friends! Writing a quick card to say hello and Merry Christmas doesn’t take much of your time, but it will give the recipient a reason to smile.

  11. Leave encouraging notes for others to find

    At a nearby park, people paint rocks with inspiring messages for others to find. These rocks say things like “Smile!” and “You can do it!”. This might not be the greatest idea for a winter kindness project in northern countries, as the rocks might get buried in the snow, but you can always leave a sticky note on a public bathroom door or mirror with words of encouragement or inspiration. It might not last long, but there’s a chance several people will see it!

  12. And on the 12th day of Christmas…

    Learn to play a song on the piano for someone who needs a little joy. This might be a Christmas song, or it may be a song that reminds you of them or even just a song you’ve heard them sing to before. Whatever the song is… take a video and share it with us here at Piano in a Flash! We would love to hear your piano skills too. 

Whatever you may celebrate, I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday filled with happiness and health.

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