How to play piano with small hands

March 21st, 2018 - 7 Comments

In today’s quick lesson, I’ll cover the myth that you have to have long, skinny fingers to play the piano well. It’s simply not true! Even if you have small fingers, I’ll provide you with some simple but effective ways to play smoothly on the piano.

Most students begin to have trouble when they are trying to add a fourth note to a chord. A common habit and misconception I’ve seen in students is that they believe they have to play the notes towards the edge of the keys. All you have to do is simply move your hands up the notes, closer to the piano. You should never have to have your hands twisted or wrenched around to play a chord!

This problem also occurs when you are trying to split a chord over two measures. That can sometimes be a very long stretch. If you are ever stretching longer than you can reach, you can “rock” up to them from the bottom. This is called “to arpeggiate.”

Finally, if you are still really struggling, you can invert a chord. For example, in the video, I use a c7 chord to show that you can move the lowest note and move it up an octave and put it on top. That is typically a much easier way for students to play because it is a closer hand position.

No matter the size of your hands or fingers, you too CAN play the piano well!

– Scott Houston


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7 responses to “How to play piano with small hands”

  1. Lee says:

    Very helpful information ! Use it right away!!

  2. JOYCE NOVOTNY says:

    Thank you for those tips. i’m about to buy a piano keyboard to practice your lessonsJoy on. My question is: Does it matter how many keys it has? They sell them with 44, 61, or I believe 81. I have limited space in my apartment so smaller is better for me.

  3. JOYCE NOVOTNY says:

    If i practice on a keyboard are there any requirements as to the size or number of keys it has? I have limited space so smaller is better for me.

    • Ryan Eldridge says:

      Hi Joyce – I would suggest at least one with 61, but whatever works for your space, go with that. 44 should suffice if necessary. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  4. irwin schwartz says:

    Hi Guy…I have played the piano for many years now.
    But for some reason I stopped playing a few years ago because of work and whatever….Now I would like to resume playing again….What are my chances of playing more of the music now than before?..How do I begin again besides taking lessons from the beginning?
    Truly yours
    Irwin Schwartz

  5. Al says:

    Finally, a problem solved for my small hand. Thanks.

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